We are the most fun, safe, kind and caring team in all of Fallon. We love what we do and why we do it. We know every member counts, and we strive to ensure each member is cared for and is happy. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Shannon Goodrick

Director of Fallon Youth Club

Miss Shannon is the Director of Fallon Youth Club. Having worked for more that 20 years with the youth of our community, including years of early childhood education and running NAS Fallon’s Youth Activities Center for more that 4 years. Providing young people a safe place to just be a kid in a world with so many expectations is a very fulfilling endeavor. Shannon has three grown children and two granddaughters and has lived in our community for more that 40 years.

Email me: sgoodrick@gmail.com

Myndee Darcy

Director of Operations

Myndee is the Fallon Youth Club Director of Operations. She has worked at the Club since 2005 and with children in our community since 1999. Myndee is the mother of one son, Mateo. As a life long resident of Fallon Myndee is committed to our community’s young people.

Email me: mdarcy@fallonyouthclub.com

Junior Simons
Program Coordinator

J Hi, my name is Junior Simons and I just started at FYC this year. I’ve only been living in Fallon for about two years now. I have worked in an after school program and summer setting for 8 of the last 9 nine years. After taking a year break from working with kids, I’m excited to be back at it again in a whole new place. I’m excited to be apart of the FYC family and look forward to introducing the kids to some fun new games.

Email me: rsimons@fallonyouthclub.com

Deanna Castillo
Teen Coordinator

Member number 87

A little about me! I was born in California and moved to Fallon when I was 3 which is where I’ve
lived since. I am 29 years old, and I’m married and
have three kiddos myself, one girl and two boys and I am extra lucky to have an extra son! All three boys have attended the club since 2020 and I attended the Club many years ago as a young girl!

email me: dcastillo@fallonyouthclub.com

Yesi Castillo
Director of First Impressions

I am the director of first impressions. I am in charge of all the enrollments of our members. I have 4 children and a loving husband. I have been part of my Fallon Youth Club family for almost 3 years now. I love being able to be the first one my members see when they arrive at our club. I also love being able to leave a little imprint in their hearts and seeing them grow up! On my free time I love to spend as much time with my family.

email me: frontdesk@fallonyouthclub.com

Catrina Freeman

Youth Development Professional-Lead

Catrina is one of our Youth Development Professionals. She has always wanted a career working with children, and eagerly joined FYC. Catrina currently works in her Church Ministry Program, she has been a Sunday School Teacher, and is now on the bus route for the Church. Catrina has 4 kids and a loving husband. In her free time Catrina spends as much time as she can with her family!

Jessica Hernandez

Youth Development Professional-Lead

Jessica has been with us since February 2020. We were lucky to find her just before the world shut down. Jessica loves children and has unlimited patience when sharing with them the things she loves.

Yulissa Goodwin
Youth Development Professional

Member number 2360

Yulissa has been working with us since 2021. Transitioning from a member to a staff can be tricky, but not for Yules. She is a sophomore at CCHS and is an essential member of our team!

Hailey Gupdnaporne
Youth Development Professional

Member number 1642

Hailey G as she is known around the Club is another member that has transitioned from participant to staff. Hailey G has worked with us since 2021 and uses her experiences as a member to ensure all of our current members experience everything the Club offered her.

Youth Development Interns

Our interns are one of our greatest strengths. They support our Youth Development Staff and leads, and provide an extra set of eyes that keep our members safe and engaged. The work these young people do keeps our Club running smoothly everyday.

Serenity Achurra
Leah Bake
Wesley Scott
Member number 1465
Anais Morales
Member number 1161

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